The game is afoot…

Well, the game isn’t actually a foot. In fact, it’s not even a game. It’s a class. In point of fact, it is two classes: CEP 811 and CEP 812, the two classes I am taking via Michigan State University’s online Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program. I am required to have a blog, so this is how it all begins. (Is writing a blog like a gateway drug to writing professional development articles and later, FSM forbid, writing books?)

The actual adventure starts on Monday, September 9th. However, being the anal over-achiever I sometimes can be, I decided to spend my Friday getting a jump on some of the housekeeping activities that needed to be done. So, blog, thou art begotten! (begot? begotten?)

Whoa! Did I just instantiate an online journal? Well, that’s enough for this Friday. Tune in again next week to see where this thing goes (or where I left the cheese). Hopefully by then we’ll know the answer to at least one of those questions.


2 thoughts on “The game is afoot…

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