Once more unto the breach

James Paul Gee’s The Anti-Education Era discusses limitations humans must overcome if they are to stop being stupid and solve (or at the very least address) the complex issues that face the world today. His statement of the problem (or should I say problems), while blunt, is right on point.

This is a book that, at first, I found pedantic and repetitive. But, sticking with it (required reading for my Masters class, CEP812, after all), I am now a fervent believer that it should be read by everyone! Follow this link for a taste of what Gee sees as our limitations and some discussion on how understanding even just one of them informs our actions.


One thought on “Once more unto the breach

  1. Kevin,

    You wrote a very succinct summary of Gee’s arguments. I like that your school’s stakeholders are so diverse. Having a community that shares the responsibility of making educational decisions leads to much better view of the school and an investment in teacher and student successes. Though, Gee might as you say take a more pessimistic view of so many humans gathering together to make perhaps critical decisions about policy. Hopefully, intelligence won they day. 🙂


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