How Are You Feeling Today?

Early in my teaching career, I remember seeing a poster entitled, “How Are You Feeling Today?” with a series of cartoon faces, each labelled with a different emotion. The drawings were funny, and it was easy for me to tell what label belonged beneath each image. But, for children with Asperger Syndrome, recognizing emotions from facial expressions is anything but easy. Rather, it is a skill that needs training and practice to acquire and develop. In the white paper linked below, I explore some basic information on Asperger Syndrome as well as some research linked to the disorder. Armed with that research I examine the VolaFriends iPad app that can be useful for Asperger Syndrome individuals in learning how to do something that comes naturally to most of the world. For a taste of what the app is like, view a brief video of the app in action here.

Technology to Aid in the Recognition of Emotions via Facial Expressions in Children with Asperger Syndrome


One thought on “How Are You Feeling Today?

  1. This is a great use of the ipad! It allows students to be part of the mainstream with an acceptable device rather then stick out with something like an alphasmart or a big clunking book. It provides real faces and not some animated face so students are able to make connections to what they are seeing on their ipad to real life. The best part-its free! Great find.

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