Not so fast, Mr. Burgam!

A bit of bad news came my way last week. While playing tennis I tore my Achilles’ tendon and had surgery to repair it last Thursday. But the thing to remember here is that I do still live in paradise. So even being confined to the couch for the next two to three weeks isn’t really all that bad. The view is still spectacular. The weather is still warm. The pain is, thankfully, minimal. The worst of it will be the cabin fever and coping with a cast (or a series of casts) over the next ten or eleven weeks. I will practice patience, gratitude and living one day at a time.

I did decide to drop the reading course (TE846) until the summer semester as my limited mobility and the effects of the pain meds have seriously cut into my ability to get all my classwork finished in a timely fashion. Besides that and the fact that I am on crutches now, not a whole lot has changed for me. For now, Angie has taken over the cooking and cleaning. But, once I am ambulatory again, I hope to resume my previous status as master of the house.

And once the leg heals, I should be back out on the courts, better than ever.


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