Variations on a Theme

The assignment is to rewrite the lyrics of a song as a way to explain the concepts in this article. With profound gratitude to Coldplay for the wonderful music and to Henriksen, Mishra, & the Deep-Play Research Group at Michigan State University for the ideas, I proudly present

Viva La Creativity

Developing and maintaining creativity is much like the old joke:

A guy stops me on the street in New York City and asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” So I tell him, “Practice.”

By continually evolving an active practice of experiencing deeply [insert any number of a broad variety of plural nouns here, including things, people, behaviors, images, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, etc.], doing so from multiple perspectives, seeking out the patterns (as well as aspects that diverge from the pattern), and exploring novel ways of representing aforementioned plural nouns including via senses otherwise not associated with them, I am increasing my capacity for creativity daily.

Just as my wife does yoga on a regular basis to keep herself grounded and focused on the present, I have found the recurrent nature of completing CEP818 assignments to be a kind of creativity practice, keeping me untethered and thinking outside the box, as it were. To be most effective, this practice involves every part of my life. And with that, it bleeds into every other part of my life: work, home, family, social.

The trick will be to maintain the practice beyond CEP818. Therein lies the real challenge for me.

(Note: I initially (mis)-interpreted the assignment to mean rewrite the lyrics of a song to highlight an aspect of my chosen topic, Digital Citizenship. Follow this link to see the results of that exercise.)


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